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Disaster Recovery for Oracle AIX & Solaris

Achieve enterprise-class Disaster Recovery for Oracle SE that prioritizes disaster resiliency, recovery speed, and ease of use. 

Like Oracle Data Guard, our Standby software enables efficient creation, management and activation of a standby database.

Available on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid.

Oracle SE

Oracle SE

Standby for Oracle AIX Solaris

Standby v9 is Gold Standard Disaster Recovery software for Oracle Standard Edition (SE) on AIX and Solaris. Like Oracle Data Guard, Standby is built on physical replication technology to prioritize data integrity, switchover speed, and solution resilience.

Standby v9 aligns with Oracle best practice policies, ensuring your solution has long-term reliability and receives full on-going Oracle support.

Standby Laptop Only v10.1 2021

Why Dbvisit Standby?

Standby v9 effortlessly creates a identical, warm standby database that is continually updated and verified.  Standby v9 ensures fast and successful failover at any time, no matter what the disaster. 

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Guaranteed database integrity is THE priority of great Disaster Recovery.

StandbyMP ensures your database will successfully failover at any time through continuous verification, integrated DR testing, and its warm (operational) state.


StandbyMP is the fastest route to business continuity.

It ensures minimal data loss (RPO), ultra-fast recovery in just a few minutes (RTO), and low resource requirements.

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Battleground Clarity@2x Image


StandbyMP brings simplicity to all your experiences, with one intuitive UI across all Oracle databases, effortless standby creation, simplified operation, and smart notifications from real-time monitoring.


StandbyMP's highly automated experience removes manual processes, stress, and opportunities for error.

With effortless administration and guided switchover, StandbyMP eliminates personnel risk. And one-click resynchronization and automated issue resolution ensure that you’re always protected.

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See Standby in action

Watch a product intro, get an architecture overview, or see how StandbyMP is delivering continuous database protection to thousands of clients.

What's in Standby v9 for AIX Solaris?

Powerful features for best practice Disaster Recovery.  

Automated Failover Icon 2021
Automated Failover Icon 2021
Automated Failover

The failover assistant enables one-click failover, triggered manually or automatically.

Great RPO & RTO Icon 2021
Great RPO & RTO Icon 2021
Great RPO & RTO

Recover from any event in just a few minutes, with a maximum 5 minutes data loss.

Oracle Technology Support Icon 2021
Oracle Technology Support Icon 2021
Oracle Technology Support

Standby supports ASM, RAC, and OMF.

Cloud Ready
Cloud Optimized
Cloud Ready

Easy to configure on premise, hybrid, or in the cloud.  Supporting Azure, AWS and Oracle Cloud. 

Streamlined DR Testing
Streamlined DR Testing
Streamlined DR Testing

Effortlessly perform comprehensive DR testing without affecting your standby databases. 

Cost E„ffective Architecture
Cost E„ffective Architecture
Cost Effective

Our low bandwidth architecture provides enterprise-class DR on Oracle SE keeping things affordable. 

Smart Notifications
Smart Notifications
Smart Notifications

Realtime monitoring with heartbeat notifications, status alerts, and log gap reports.

One-Click Resynchronisation
One-Click Resynchronisation
One-click Resynchronization

Automated resynchronization removes the risk of being unprotected as a manual rebuild is performed. 

Multi-Threat Resilience
Multi-threat Resilience

Support for remote standby locations, log application delays, and cascaded standby databases provide leading resilience. 

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Backed by unbelievably great support

Wonderfully robust software backed by fantastic people. 

So when you need support it's fast, efficient and friendly. 

  • 95% renewal rate
  • Average ticket response time: 7 min
  • Customer satisfaction (12 months): 99.7%

How it works

A simple implementation consists of one primary database and one standby database.  The solution is built on the proven Oracle redo/archive logging mechanism and physical replication technology. 

  • CREATION: A highly automated process efficiently creates one or more standby databases.
  • SYNCHRONIZATION: StandbyMP synchronizes the databases by compressing, sending, and applying the Oracle archive logs to the standby(s).  The frequency of log transmission and other settings is configurable, providing control over when data is extracted and applied. 
  • MONITORING: Real-time monitoring identifies exceptions and sends alert notifications.  
  • FAILOVER: Failover can be initiated automatically or with a single command. Database failover completes within a few minutes. 
Diagram - Standby Architecture Basic.drawio
Diagram - Standby Architecture Basic.drawio

Frequently asked questions

Popular Topics

How does licensing work?

Pricing is per database with a minimum configuration of one primary database, one secondary database and one year of support.


Perpetual licenses and Term licenses are available:


Perpetual licenses -  Purchaser owns and retains the license permanently. Support is an additional cost and support renewal is required each year.


Term licenses -  Purchased for a predefined period (1, 2 or 3 years) and can be extended at any time during the term. Support is included in the price. The flexibility of Term licenses makes them beneficial for computing environments that may change over the next few years or for limited life projects.


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What databases & platforms does Standby v9 for AIX Solaris support?

Oracle Databases: 
- 10.2.05 to 19c (64 bit)

Oracle Editions:
- Enterprise
- Standard One and Two (including RAC)
- Oracle XE

- ASM & Filesystem

Operating Systems:
- Unix: AIX; Solaris (x64_64 and SPARC)
- Windows 2003 ~ 2016
- Linux on Intel and AMD

Does Standby work in the cloud?

Yes Standby works in private and public clouds including Oracle, AWS (EC2) and Azure.  Learn more in on our DR in the Cloud page

What is a standby database?

Does Standby run on Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)?

Yes, StandbyTM  is certified and optimized for Oracle Database Appliance. Learn more about using Standby for ODA.

What technology does Standby use?

StandbyTM, like Oracle Data Guard, uses physical database replication to achieve an exact copy of the production database. 

What is Disaster Recovery? How is it different from Backups?

Disaster Recovery is a strategy.  Backups are one part of a Disaster Recovery strategy.  Learn more in our Disaster Recovery vs Backups article

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