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DR for Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL

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For upgrades between major releases (V9 - V11) you will need a new license key - please email Dbvisit Sales.


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Frequently asked questions

How do I get a trial?

Please download the software from the 'Try Standby page'.  A trial key will be emailed to you.

How do I install StandbyMP?

All the information you need is in the StandbyMP user guide

How does licensing work?

Licensing Methods

(A) SQL Server DR is licensed by Instance. 
(B) Oracle DR is licensed by Database.
(C) PostgreSQL is licensed by Cluster.

License Types

Migration - A 3 month license for the purpose of migrations. 
Term - 1 to 3 year terms licenses that can be extended at any time.
Perpetual - Purchaser retains the license permanently.


Full details in the User Manual

How do I get a quote?

Calculate your pricing on the Pricing Page

Or request a quote from the Contact Us page. 

How do I get an older version?

Please raise a support ticket on the Support Site


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