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Disaster Recovery on Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) with Dbvisit Standby-MP

Why Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)?

Oracle Database Appliance (ODA) integrates software, compute, storage, and network resources to deliver database services for a wide range of custom and packaged online transaction processing (OLTP), in memory database, and data warehousing applications.

An ODA is similar in many ways to an Exadata, in that it is a pre-tuned machine built to run Oracle databases. But the cost of these machines is far less than its Exadata cousin. It is the first engineered system to support Oracle Standard Edition (SE).  Read more on the Oracle ODA site

Benefits of ODA include:
  • Affordable with multiple options for Oracle Standard Edition (SE)
  • Optimized for database performance
  • Architected for on-premises and the cloud
  • High availability for its class
  • Scalable
Oracle-Appliance ODA (2)

StandbyMP is DR
for Oracle SE on ODA

StandbyMP is enterprise-class Disaster Recovery for Oracle Standard Edition.  StandbyMP creates a warm, continuously verified standby database that guarantees successful failover from any disaster, at any time.

With Standby and ODA, Oracle SE customers have a total solution combining high-performance hardware and cost effective, resilient Disaster Recovery that insures database continuity for business critical databases. 

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Case Study:  

Transfer Solutions leverages ODA, Oracle SE and Dbvisit Standby for a high performance and cost effective environment. 

Customers like Transfer Solutions are recognizing the value of having ODA and a gold standard DR solution.  See their Youtube Case study

Transfer Solutions ODA Title

Why Standby for ODA?

StandbyMP is specialist Disaster Recovery software for Oracle SE.  It effortlessly creates a standby database that is continually updated and verified, ensuring fast and successful failover at any time.
StandbyMP prioritizes database integrity so you can achieve database continuity.

Dbvisit Standby delivers integrity in DR
Guaranteed integrity

Continuous verification of the standby database, and its warm state, guarantees database integrity.
Learn more

Great RPO & RTO
Instantly available

The standby is warm and can be failed over to within just a few minutes in the event of any disaster.
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Smart Notification
Intuitive GUI

The graphical user interface and guided workflows enable simple creation, management and failover.
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Automation of Disaster Recovery
Highly automated

Remove manual processes with effortless standby creation, one-click resynchronization and auto-failover.
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ODA to ODA Configuration

Implement 2 ODA servers with Oracle SE and StandbyMP for a robust on-premises solution for high performance and business continuity.

  • Full on-premises high performance solution for Oracle SE Customers
  • A complete Oracle SE solution at an affordable price
Diagram - ODA to onprem

ODA to Oracle Cloud

Begin your cloud journey with a hybrid solution of one ODA server for robust on-premises performance, StandbyMP for full database continuity, and the Oracle Cloud as the standby location.

  • A complete Oracle SE hybrid on-premises and cloud solution at an affordable price
  • Take the first step into the Oracle Cloud without risk

Learn more about the Standby in the cloud

Diagram - ODA to Cloud
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See for yourself how our continuous database protection can help keep your world in motion.

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With Dbvisit's StandbyMP software, Gold Standard Disaster Recovery doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Get an instant quote now.