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Case Study

7-Eleven achieves 24-7 WMS availability with Standby

7-Eleven uses Standby to protect their Warehouse Management System and 1,000 stores. After 10 years and just 6 support calls,  7-Eleven's  satisfaction is 100%. 

International brand
Warehouse Management System

Their situation

7-Eleven has built a strong global brand reputation for providing accessibility, availability, and convenience for their customers and operates 24/7, 365 days a year.

7-Eleven’s warehouse management system location was susceptible to severe storms given climate change. As a critical component of their overall IT platform, they had a need to reduce the Business Continuity Disaster Recovery (BCDR) risks posed to its systems and operations. The main warehouse in particular, located in Manila, plays a critical role in ensuring the country’s 1,000 stores are kept operational.

The Oracle databases consolidated critical transactional data from all of the 1,000 stores. Given their current risk profile, they made a decision to upgrade their data infrastructure to minimise business risk, and automate to improve resource utilisation.

7-Eleven required a resilient and proven DR solution that aligned with their existing investments in Oracle infrastructure.


  • WMS system identified as critical business system requiring Disaster Recovery.
  • >1000 Stores operational 24x7x365.
  • Resilient and proven DR solution, that aligned with existing Oracle investments, was required.


  • 24x7x365 operations maintained over 10 years since solution implementation.
  • Cost savings of > 80% have delivered an unrivalled TCO.
  • The DR solution is was easily implemented, and now managed by the internal IT team.
  • 10 years operation, just 6 support calls, and 100% customer satisfaction.

How we helped the client

7-Eleven trialled Standby against Dataguard and Oracle Enterprise Edition. Standby met their criteria of a demonstrably proven solution; alignment with Oracle best practice for DR and it was easy to deploy and operate by their staff. 7-Eleven were very confident with the level of skill and experience provided by Dbvisit’s Support team.


7-Eleven has found Dbvisit Standby easy to use and operate, both in replication mode and in the event of a disaster. A key factor in selecting Dbvisit was the level of support they offered, both before and after the sale.

Solution Architect 7-Eleven Philippines

The positive outcome

For nearly 10 years, 7-Eleven has been using Standby to protect their most critical and sensitive information. Standby provides continuous protection for their production data at a frequency of between five and fifteen minutes, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

7-Eleven has experienced some challenges affecting transactional integrity within their warehouse management system, however successful failovers minimised the impact to business operations. Standby not only helped with the failover, but also the recovery process.

Not only did the standby copy assure database integrity for use during failover by continuous transaction level physical replication, but it also supported the recovery process by recreating the new primary database without the need for an application outage.

Over their 10 year history, logged 6 support calls with a 100% customer satisfaction rating. 

In summary

7-Eleven continue to use Standby to protect not only their database but ultimately protect their brand reputation. 7-Eleven also recognized massive savings over upgrading to other solutions. Over their 10 year history, they have only logged 6 Support calls, all with a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

  • Cost savings of more than 80% has delivered an unrivalled TCO
  • 24x7x365 operations have been maintained for over 10 years
  • The in-house IT team performs all implementation, management, and support functions
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