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Gold Standard Disaster Recovery

Like Oracle Data Guard, StandbyMP uses physical replication technology to create standby databases that are continuously updated, verified and available for failover at any time. This provides a simple-to-deploy, cost-effective, yet powerful solution for Oracle SE users with higher RTO/RPO requirements.

Supports on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments. 


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Get Oracle Data Guard-like functionality without the cost

The most trusted solution with 1700+ customers in 120 countries. Effortlessly create, manage and monitor highly resilient standby databases on Oracle SE. Eliminate risk with a highly resilient standby database that can meet mission-critical RTO and RPO requirements.
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Effortless deployment in your current environment

Designed by DBAs for DBAs, StandbyMP makes it easy to deploy in any environment and offers industry-leading 24/7 support.

  • No OS changes required.
  • Full Oracle support from 10g onwards, RAC, ASM and OMF,  as well as ODA certified.
  • Flexible deployment: on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid.
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Effortlessly protect your mission-critical data

A warm standby database created and managed by StandbyMP provides resilient protection against all disaster types.

  • Continuous standby verification ensures your always protected. 
  • Simplified DR Testing with integrated one-click DR Tests.  
  • Zero data-loss Graceful Switchovers facilitate patching.
  • Failover to specific “safe” activation points with 'Intelligent Activate' and 'Log application delay'.
  • Geographic separation using out-of-region standby's eliminates localised disaster risk.
  • System pre-checks and real-time monitoring proactively reduce risk. 
Oracle UI Simplify
Intuitive Workflows

Simplify workflows with intuitive and easy operation

StandbyMP for Oracle offers efficient and automated standby database creation. Using either the GUI or CLI operation, StandbyMP simplifies actions and allows you to manage everyday Disaster Recovery tasks all from a single panel.

  • Centralized UI (GUI & CLI) to create, view, manage, and activate all your standby databases.
  • Guided workflows save time and eliminate error, enabling operation by more junior IT members.
  • Low overhead through automation of administration tasks.
  • Smart notifications are delivered in real-time and are viewable by mail, browser, or Slack. 


Continual Integrity Verification

Remove stress with fast recovery and minimal data loss

In the event of a disaster, you can rely on StandbyMP to failover at any time across any disaster. StandbyMP ensures fast recovery and minimal data loss reducing stress and the time required to get back up and running.

  • Automated failover or assisted failover after issue detection by real-time monitoring.
  • Minimal data loss (RPO) of typically 5 minutes for Oracle SE, 3 minutes for SQL Server, and 2 minutes for PostgreSQL (user configurable).
  • Fast recovery (RTO) in just a couple of minutes.
Continual Integrity

Zero data loss switchover - Facilitate server patching and maintenance

A key function to assist in the planned maintenance of your production servers. Effortlessly switch to your standby with zero data loss, run applications from DR infrastructure to satisfy compliance and audit requirements, or conduct DR testing.

  • Failover Assistant enables automated or guided failover after near-instantaneous issue detection.
  • One-click resynchronization of the standby database prevents complex manual processes or a rebuild of the standby database.
  • Zero-data-loss switchovers through orchestration of planned switchovers by StandbyMP. 

Fully featured Command Line Interface delivering granular control and convenience

Our powerful CLI allows you to complete common DR tasks, or integrate your workflows via the API.

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Truly Satisfied Customers 

Dbvisit was founded by DBAs for DBAs. We have walked the same path as you. Stability, reliability and support are at the heart of our product development. With 96% customer satisfaction and a 95% retention rate, we are proud to deliver gold-standard Disaster Recovery worldwide.

Stat - 1700+ Oracle
StandbyMP Customers
Stat - 120 Oracle
Countries use StandbyMP
Stat - 95% Oracle
Customer renewals
Stat - 96% Oracle
Customer Satisfaction
DB Visit-Case Study-JurisTech Quote-min
Based on my experience, I highly recommend Dbvisit StandbyMP for all Oracle clients, even on Enterprise Edition. Installation and configuration are much easier for me than Data Guard. Implementing and installing StandbyMP is very straightforward, and their documentation and user guide are first-class.

Abdul Rahman

Lead DBA, JurisTech

How it Works

Physical Replication ensures your standby is kept reliably up-to-date

A simple implementation consists of one primary database and one standby database. Physical replication technology prioritizes data integrity and solution resilience.

  • Creation: An intelligent process efficiently creates one or more standby databases.
  • Synchronization: StandbyMP synchronizes the databases by compressing, sending, and applying archive logs to the standby(s). Frequency of log transmission is configurable to meet your RPO objectives.
  • Monitoring: Real-time monitoring identifies exceptions and sends alert notifications.
  • Failover: Failover can be initiated automatically or with a single click. Database failover completes within a few minutes. 
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StandbyMP Data Sheet
View the Feature Sheet

Discover StandbyMP's Gold Standard DR features

  • One-click Graceful Switchovers
  • Cascading standby support
  • Automatic (or guided) Failover
  • Reporting from standby
  • Real-time monitoring & smart notifications
What is DBVisit Standby MP?

Powerful features deliver best practice Disaster Recovery

Automated Fallover

Automated Failover

The failover assistant enables one-click failover, triggered manually or automatically.

Continuous Protection

Great RPO & RTO

Recover from any event in just a few minutes, with a maximum 5 minutes data loss.

Continual Integrity Verification

Graceful Switchovers

Zero data loss planned switchovers enable easy migrations and testing. 

Cloud Ready

Cloud Ready

Easy to configure on-premise, in hybrid or cloud environments. Supported in Azure, AWS and Oracle Cloud.

Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications

Realtime monitoring with heartbeat notifications, status alerts, and log gap reports.

One Click Re-Sync

One-click Resynchronization

Automated resynchronization removes the risk of being unprotected as a manual rebuild is performed. 

Key product information

Discover key product information on Dbvisit StandbyMP


Ready to get started?

We are DR Specialists. Delivering DBAs a great customer experience. Our software is reliable, intuitive, and supported by real DBAs. 

Popular Topics

Frequently asked questions

How does licensing work?

Pricing is per database with a minimum configuration of one primary database, one secondary database and one year of support.

Perpetual licenses and Term licenses are available:

Perpetual licenses -  Purchaser owns and retains the license permanently. Support is an additional cost and support renewal is required each year.

Term licenses -  Purchased for a predefined period (1, 2 or 3 years) and can be extended at any time during the term. Support is included in the price. The flexibility of Term licenses makes them beneficial for computing environments that may change over the next few years or for limited life projects.

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Does Standby work in the cloud?

Yes, Standby works in private and public clouds including Oracle, AWS and Azure. Learn more on our DR in the Cloud page


Does StandbyMP run on Oracle Database Appliance (ODA)?

StandbyMP  is certified and optimized for Oracle Database Appliance. Learn more about using Standby for ODA.

What technology does StandbyMP use?

StandbyMP, like Oracle Data Guard, uses physical database replication to achieve an exact copy of the production database. 

What is Disaster Recovery? How is it different from Backups?

Disaster Recovery is a strategy.  Backups are one part of a Disaster Recovery strategy.  Learn more in our Disaster Recovery vs Backups article

What databases & platforms does Standby v9 for AIX Solaris support?

Oracle Databases: 
- 10.2.05 to 19c (64 bit)

Oracle Editions:
- Enterprise
- Standard One and Two (including RAC)
- Oracle XE

- ASM & Filesystem

Operating Systems:
- Unix: AIX; Solaris (x64_64 and SPARC)
- Windows 2003 ~ 2016
- Linux on Intel and AMD

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