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Disaster Recovery for SQL Server

Gold Standard Disaster Recovery

Frustrated by Log Shipping or Basic Availability Groups?  Dbvisit StandbyMP is a smarter, more automated alternative that saves you time and delivers enhanced standby database functionality for better protection.

Available on-premise, hybrid, or in the cloud.

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Overcome AG and Log Shipping challenges

Create and manage a standby database that's always available and ready to take over the moment you need it

StandbyMP enables fast and efficient creation, management and activation of resilient standby environments.  All from an intuitive GUI, CLI or API. 

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Enhanced tools, automation and functionality

Go beyond Log Shipping with advanced functionality, guided workflows, and one-click actions across multiple databases. Get all the key functionality of Enterprise AGs while retaining the proven Log Shipping architecture. This simplifies management and enables powerful new functionality.

  • Initiative and efficient standby creation for SQL Server.
  • Powerful GUI  simplifies common Disaster Recovery tasks.
  • Multi-database actions, even across instances, enables rapid actions.
  • Automation removes risk and skills gaps.
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Continual Integrity

Meet your RPO/RTO goals. Protect your database.

Meet your Recovery Point Objectives and Recovery Time Objectives requirements and do more with zero-data-loss planned switchovers, read-only access and more. 


Streamlined DR Testing

Remove the restrictions of Asynchronous Basic Availability Groups.

Get Enterprise-class DR with all the key functionality of Enterprise AGs without the complexity or cost. StandbyMP removes the restrictions of Asynchronous Basic Availability Groups such as one database per AG, Forced failover and no login replication.

Always Operational

Get Enterprise-class DR in minutes, not months.

Stuck manually managing a large Log Shipping environment? Migrating to AGs can be complex and time-consuming. There is a smarter approach. Get best practice DR with all the functionality of Enterprise AGs in minutes, not months with StandbyMP.


Fully featured Command Line Interface delivering granular control and convenience

Here at Dbvisit, we are proud to be part of a team that has taken the complexity out of using Disaster Recovery software. Our powerful CLI allows you to complete common DR tasks and integrate your workflows via the API.


Superior functionality and usability

See how you can go beyond the bundled Log Shipping and Basic Availability Group Disaster Recovery with Standby Multi-Platform.


Log Shipping

Comparison to Log Shipping

Built-in Log Shipping lacks the features modern DBAs expect, and can be challenging to maintain and troubleshoot. Get Enterprise-class DR with all the functionality of Enterprise AGs without the complexity or cost.

  • Faster, more efficient creation: Create standby databases across multiple instances in just a few clicks.
  • Improved functionality: Built-in pre-checks detect issues before configuration creation, not after, saving time and your patience!
  • Simplify Maintenance Tasks: Switch to Read Only mode in a single click, or facilitate patching and DR Tests with zero-data-loss graceful switchovers. 
  • Automate Failover: A fully-featured Observer utility that can automate failover, and run specific scripts after failover.
  • Enhanced Usability: Streamlined and repeatable, StandyMP ensures any member of the team can initiate a failover as required while following best practice. 

SQL Shipping Log

Comparison to Basic AGs

  • Meet your RTO/RPO requirements with a continuously verified standby database that is always available and ready to take over the moment you need it.
  • Easy to implement with wide SQL Server version support and no requirement to set up clustering.
  • Speed up with multi-database actions, guided workflows, and one-click actions.
  • Simplify with automated standby creation, automated failover, and user replication.
  • Do more with zero-data-loss planned switchovers, read-only access and more.
  • Improve resilience with multiple standby databases and one-click issue resolutions.
  • Remove complexity and risk by managing your DR from an intuitive central console. 
Basic Availability Groups

How it works

A simple implementation consists of one primary database and one standby database.

  • Creation: One or more standby databases are efficiently created.
  • Synchronization: StandbyMP synchronizes the databases by compressing, sending, and applying logs to the standby(s). Frequency of log transmission can be set to meet your RPO objectives.
  • Monitoring: Real-time monitoring identifies exceptions and sends alert notifications.
  • Failover: Failover can be initiated automatically or with a single click. Database failover completes within a few minutes. 
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Powerful features & functionality

Best practice Disaster Recovery for SQL Server.

Automated Fallover

Automated Failover

The failover assistant enables one-click failover, triggered manually or automatically.

Always Operational

Great RPO & RTO

Recover from any event in just a few minutes, with a less than 3 minutes data loss.

Continual Integrity Verification

Graceful Switchovers

Zero data loss planned switchovers enable easy migrations and testing. 

Cloud Ready

Cloud Ready

Easy to configure on premise, hybrid, or in the cloud.  Supporting Azure, AWS and private clouds.

Smart Notifications

Smart Notifications

Realtime monitoring with heartbeat notifications, status alerts, and log gap reports.

One Click Re-Sync

One-click Resynchronization

Automated resynchronization removes the risk of being unprotected as a manual rebuild is performed. 

DB Visit-Case Study-Power Tools Quote-min
Log Shipping is great when it works but, when it breaks it’s such a headache and you usually have to just start over. StandbyMP manages DR so much better – now it’s not just a case of looking back at notes from last year and trying to understand what was done. While being based on Log Shipping, Standby is overall a far superior solution for SQL Server DR.

Abdul Rahman

Lead DBA, JurisTech


Truly satisfied customers

We are DR Specialists. Delivering DBAs a great customer experience. Why? Our software is reliable, intuitive, and supported by real DBAs.  
With 1700+ customers in 120 countries and a renewal rate of 95% you are in good hands. 


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Customer Satisfaction

We have over 96% customer satisfaction because our software is built by DBAs for DBAs. We understand the need for precision and reliability. 

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Countries use StandbyMP

Worldwide, between our Oracle and SQL Server customers, thousands of businesses trust and rely on us for their Disaster Recovery needs. 

Stat - 95% SQL
Customer renewals

95% of customers renew their subscription due to the reliability, usability, performance and support of StandbyMP.

Stat - 96% SQL
Data recovery experts

We are the Database DR experts. We are not generalists, we are unashamedly specialized and 100% focused on doing DR right.

Key product information

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Ready to get started?

We are DR Specialists. Delivering DBAs a great customer experience. Our software is reliable, intuitive, and supported by real DBAs.  Take a test drive or get pricing now.

Popular Topics

Frequently asked questions

Does StandbyMP work in the cloud?

Yes, StandbyMP is optimized for private and public clouds including Oracle, AWS and Azure. Operate in a pure cloud or hybrid architecture. 

Learn more on our DR in the Cloud page

How does licensing work?

Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL functionality is licensed separately. 

Microsoft SQL Server: 
Pricing is per instance with a minimum configuration of one primary instance, and one secondary instance. 

Pricing is per database with a minimum configuration of one primary database, one secondary database.

Pricing is per cluster with a minimum of one primary cluster, and one secondary cluster.

Perpetual licenses:  Purchaser owns and retains the license permanently. Support is an additional cost and can be purchased for 1, 2 or 3 years.

Term licenses - 1,2,3 year terms are available.  Support is included in the price. 


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How is StandbyMP different to SQL Server Availability Groups and Log Shipping?

StandbyMP is a more resilient, more automated, and easier to manage solution compared to Basic Availability Groups and Log Shipping. 

Log Shipping Comparison Blog 

Availability Group Comparison Blog 

What SQL Server databases does StandbyMP support?

Microsoft SQL Server Databases: 
SQL Server 2012 to 2022

Operating Systems:

- Windows and Linux (and mixed environments)

What is Disaster Recovery? How is it different from Backups?

Disaster Recovery is a strategy.  Backups are one part of a Disaster Recovery strategy.  With StandbyMP you can achieve a Gold Standard of Disaster Recovery - High integrity, Resilient, Fast, and Easy to use.  Learn more in our Disaster Recovery vs Backups article

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Disaster Recovery does not need to be difficult or expensive