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Gold Standard Disaster Recovery for PostgreSQL

Disaster Recovery on PostgreSQL can be complex, time-consuming, and subject to human error. StandbyMP software simplifies, automates and de-risks standby creation and management to ensure you are always protected.

Available on-premise, in the cloud, or as a hybrid.

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StandbyMP is Intuitive, Automated and Scalable DR for PostgreSQL

Effortlessly create, manage and monitor highly resilient standby clusters.
Get industry-leading 24/7 support for complete peace of mind. 



Simplify Standby Creation

The Challenge: Setting up reliable Disaster Recovery requires much more than just running a setup streaming command. In the real world, this would involve running separate actions using different command lines, manually editing configuration files, and matching everything up. If you make a single mistake in a config file, you're on your own. And what's worse, you may not know until disaster strikes.

The Solution: StandbyMP delivers standardized, automated and verified standby setup across any supported PostgreSQL version and operating system.


Work Smarter, not Harder

Remove complexity and save time with additional functionality such as pre-checks and intuitive workflows

Work faster with one-click, multi-cluster actions such as creation, switchover or failover.

Multiplatform DR enables the management of PostgreSQL, Oracle SE, and SQL Server DR from a central control center. 

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Easier Patching & Maintenance 

Use StandbyMP's one-click Graceful Switchover to seamlessly shift database operations to a standby server with zero-data-loss for patching and maintenance.

Once maintenance is complete, smoothly switch back to the primary server with just a few clicks, reducing disruption to critical services.

Graceful Switchovers make server maintenance and patching quick and risk-free. 

Watch - Three Ways StandbyMP Improves PostgreSQL Disaster Recovery

How it Works

Three data replication modes ensure your standby is kept reliably up-to-date.








Real-Time Data Streaming

Leverage PostgreSQL's powerful real-time replication functionality to keep a standby cluster continuously up-to-date. Easily import existing streaming configurations to gain compelling monitoring and maintenance functionality through StandbyMP.

  1. Initialize the standby cluster easily using StandbyMP.

  2. A replication slot is created on the primary cluster, to which the standby cluster seamlessly connects and initiates a full backup operation via the data stream.

  3. Once the primary cluster data is synchronized, the standby cluster remains continuously connected and receives all transactions from the primary as soon as they are committed.
real time date streaming 2

Archive Mode WAL Shipping

Utilize time-tested and reliable Write-Ahead-Log files together with PostgreSQL's Archive Mode settings to keep your standby cluster up to date.

  1. Initialize the standby cluster easily using StandbyMP.

  2. A full backup is automatically created, transferred onto standby and restored, bringing the standby into sync with the primary.

  3. The Archive Interval is set on the primary cluster. Whenever a new WAL segment is ready, or the Interval timeout is reached, a new WAL file is backed up by the primary cluster.

  4. StandbyMP automatically creates and manages the various associated callbacks, catching the newly-created WAL file, transferring it to the standby, and restoring it. StandbyMP also includes all file management, keeping both systems clean of WAL files that are no longer required.

Manual File Shipping

When you need total control, keep your standby cluster in-sync by manually creating and restoring transactional backups on a set schedule.

  1. Initialize the standby cluster easily using StandbyMP.

  2. A full backup is automatically created, transferred onto standby and restored, bringing the standby into sync with the primary.

  3. Leaving PostgreSQL's own settings alone, StandbyMP instead controls the whole show itself: a manual query is run on a set interval to create WAL backups.

  4. These are then automatically brought across to the standby cluster, and a manual query is run to restore them. StandbyMP manages all files and network transfers.
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Powerful Features & Functionality

Gold Standard Disaster Recovery Features for PostgreSQL.

Automated Failover Icon 2021
Automated Failover Icon 2021
Automated Failover

The failover assistant enables one-click failover, triggered manually or automatically.

Great RPO & RTO Icon 2021
Great RPO & RTO Icon 2021
Great RPO & RTO

Recover from any event in just a few minutes, with less than 2 minutes of data loss (user configurable).

Graceful Switchovers

Zero-data-loss planned switchovers enable easy patching, maintenance, migrations and testing. 

Cloud Ready
Cloud Optimized
Cloud Ready

Easy to configure on premise, hybrid, or in the cloud.  Supporting public and private clouds.

Smart Notifications
Smart Notifications
Smart Notifications

Realtime monitoring with heartbeat notifications, status alerts, and log gap reports.

One UI
Multiplatform UI
MultiPlatform UI

Easily manage DR configurations across PostgreSQL versions, Oracle or SQL Server databases.

Cost E„ffective Architecture
Cost E„ffective Architecture
Cost Effective

Make managing standby environments fast and efficient and get enterprise-class DR on opensource PostgreSQL. 


Use a hot standby database for read-only queries to boost ROI and reduce load on the primary.

Application Failover Icon
Application Failover Icon
Custom Action Scripts

Shell or batch scripts can be run before or after standby activation or switchover.

Learn More


postgresql feature sheet

View the Feature Sheet

Discover StandbyMP's Gold Standard DR features, including:

  • One-click Graceful Switchovers
  • Cascading standby support 
  • Automatic (or guided) Failover
  • Reporting from standby
  • Real-time monitoring & smart notifications

    View Feature Sheet

Truly Satisfied Customers

We are DR Specialists. Delivering DBAs a great customer experience. 
Why? Our software is reliable, intuitive, and supported by real DBAs.  

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