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Case Study

StandbyMP for Independent Software Vendors

JurisTech is a market-leading independent fintech software vendor (ISV) that provides enterprise-class software products designed to help firms conduct business beyond the day-to-day transactions and monthly billing. They provide a range of solutions spanning Loan Originations, Time and Expenses, Billing, Reporting, Budgeting, Business Intelligence and Collections to the financial, legal and other markets, all designed to help maximize operational efficiency and profitability.

Case Study
Case Study

The situation

JurisTech builds and hosts a range of critical software applications for banks, credit unions and legal organizations. The critical nature of the data managed through JurisTech’s applications requires a Gold Standard Disaster Recovery (DR) solution capable of meeting the varying Recovery Point Objective (RPO) / Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) requirements of their clients.
DR is a critical part of JurisTech's solution stack, and they have fully integrated it into their products, providing 24/7 DBA support to their clients for JurisTech’s applications. When looking for a DR vendor, they sought a solution that would allow their clients to utilise Oracle SE licencing and avoid the approximately 600% cost increases required to move up to Oracle Enterprise Edition.
As an ISV, JurisTech also required a DR solution that would scale across its client base, supporting multiple databases in large and complex environments. Integration into the Service Desk with complete monitoring and reporting was also critical. JurisTech needed a product to provide real-time reporting and granular visibility across its entire install base to enable preventative maintenance and fault notification.  
"We support multiple databases, including Oracle, and needed a secure, safe, and reliable solution that lowered the total cost of ownership for our customers using Oracle SE and SE2. We usually support our client's database, managing the installation, configuration, and support. We always propose Dbvisit StandbyMP as the DR application for all Oracle deployments. I come from a Data Guard background and have supported Dbvisit for around seven years. I find Standby even easier to install and use than Data Guard. Standby has critical features like Gap Reporting and Graceful Switchover, which integrate perfectly with our Service Desk operations." - Abdul Rahman, Lead DBA, JurisTech.




  • Deployed StandbyMP, Enterprise-class Disaster Recovery for Oracle SE Customers
  • Fully integrated into the service desk with monitoring and reporting effortlessly scaled across all customers
  • Simple installation and setup, with RTO/RPO that scales to meet the demands of large banks and financial organisations
  • Self-sufficient operation and support of the DR solution


  • RPO between two minutes to fifteen minutes depending on client requirements
  • RTO is around 30 minutes, depending on the levels of integration with client applications
  • Reliability. Full DR testing is conducted twice a year for each customer, enabled via graceful switchover
  • Cost-effective solution negating a 600% license cost increase associated with upgrading to Oracle EE
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The solution

Like Oracle Data Guard, StandbyMP uses physical replication technology to create a standby database that is continuously updated, verified and available for failover at any time.

Critically for ISVs, StandbyMP can be fully integrated into the offerings and the Service Desk with features such as Gap Reporting, which inspects the primary and standby databases and reports on the difference between the last archived sequence on the primary and the last applied sequence on the standby database.

Dbvisit Standby log gap data is automatically collected every time it is run from the primary server. JurisTech uses the data collected to manage client databases proactively.

"One of the key highlights of working with StandbyMP is the reporting and monitoring that we have integrated with our Service Desk. The Gap Reporting and email notifications are vital. We are managing a large number of customer databases, and the transparency that we get across them all from both the GUI, notifications, and reporting has been critical to scaling our operations"— Abdul Rahman, Lead DBA, JurisTech.

StandbyMP Screen with CLI

"I have worked with StandbyMP for over seven years now, and it has become an important part of our offering. Graceful Switchover allows us to conduct regular DR Testing. The monitoring and reporting integrate well into how we work, and Dbvisit is very fast and responsive when we do require support. I remember during one incident, we requested them to join the meeting with clients. They joined us and helped us to explain the issues directly to the client. It's an effective partnership that allows us to deliver cost-effective Gold Standard DR that can scale across all of our customers."

Abdul Rahman, Lead DBA, Juris.

For JurisTech, having a DR Plan for each customer is standard operating procedure. To ensure readiness, they perform full DR Trials twice a year for each client; this includes switching Production to Standby and back again.

To facilitate the DR testing process, they utilise StandbyMP’s Graceful Switchover (GS) functionality. Databases can be proactively switched to standby whilst testing and patching are completed. StandbyMP's workflows offer prechecking and network checks, proactively preventing common issues.

For JurisTech, the DR Trail process can now be done with complete confidence. With just a few clicks, they can switch over and back, achieved with minimum disruption to service and zero data loss

"Based on my experience, I highly recommend DBvisit StandbyMP for all Oracle clients, even if it's an enterprise edition. Installation and configuration are much easier for me than Data Guard. Implementing and installing StandbyMP is very straightforward, and their documentation and user guide are first-class. Standby has always been stable and reliable. Most of our customers are now on version 10/11, which are rock solid." - Abdul Rahman, Lead DBA, JurisTech.

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StandbyMP brings fast, resilient, automated, and intuitive Disaster Recovery to ISVs. Dbvisit StandbyMP offers flexibility, innovation, and reliability. With its exceptional features and unparalleled customer trust, Dbvisit StandbyMP can help ISVs avoid vendor lock and deliver a new revenue stream without adding additional complexity to their solutions stack.

  • Easy implementation and integration with 3rd party solutions

  • Single GUI to manage multiple databases and client

  • Realtime alerts and notifications

  • Automated failovers and testing

  • Scale to support thousands of databases

  • Effortless standby database creation

  • Continuous DB integrity verification

  • Zero data loss switchovers for migrations

  • DR is an easy additional ISV value/rev. stream (including ongoing renewals) or value add.

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