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Great Disaster Recovery is fast and resilient. 

StandbyTM creates and manages a warm standby database that minimizes data loss (RPO) and provides fast recovery (RTO) across all disaster scenarios.   

StandbyTM is the Gold Standard Disaster Recovery.

Why great DR needs speed?

Your database is the lifeblood of your business and you cannot afford to be spending hours restoring backups, or days finding alternative infrastructure. Great DR is fast and resilient. It must minimize data loss (RPO) and recover quickly (RTO) from any disaster. 

Standby is the solution

StandbyTM is the fastest and safest route to database continuity.

Through the intelligent creation & management of a warm standby database StandbyTM ensures minimal data loss of less than 10 minutes (RPO), ultra-fast recovery in just a few minutes (RTO), coupled with low resource requirements. With its high resilience, this performance is achievable across all disasters - from operational failures to natural disasters.

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How Standby delivers speed

  • Anytime failover
    An offsite standby is always operational and ready for failover upon issue detection. Failovers can be configured to be automatic or manual after real-time smart notifications.

  • Minimal data loss (RPO)
    Continual transaction log transfers ensure a typical maximum data loss of 10 minutes. The log transfer architecture and advanced compression ensure minimal bandwidth and resource requirements.

  • Fast recovery (RTO)
    Our warm standby is continually self-verified and waiting to take control. This enables database failovers to be completed in just a few minutes.

  • Minimal overhead on the production server
    Standby is designed specifically to minimize performance impact on the production environment.

  • Improve performance by offloading to standby server
    Offload resource-intensive operations, including reporting and backups, to your standby infrastructure to improve primary database performance. This is enhanced with Test/Dev Snapshots and Reporting Replicas for Linux.
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Why Standby?

StandbyTM is specialist Disaster Recovery software. It effortlessly creates a standby database that is continually updated and verified, ensuring fast and successful failover at any time.

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We are committed to the highest levels of database integrity

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Standby delivers the fastest route to business continuity

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We strive for simplicity in all our experiences

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We optimize your experience by removing manual processes and opportunities for error

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