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Great Disaster Recovery must simplify the experience and be completely intuitive.

Standby MultiPlatform effortlessly creates and manages a warm standby database that is continually verified to guarantee fast and successful failover at any time. 

No one makes Gold Standard Disaster Recovery this easy!

Why great DR needs clarity?

You don't know when a disaster will strike.  So the performance of your Disaster Recovery shouldn't be dependent on one employee, or one IT provider. 
Best practice Disaster Recovery must eliminate personnel dependence and improve business productivity. This means any solution must not require extensive training or continuous administration. It must be intuitive and automated, enabling management by internal teams and reducing opportunities for error.

StandbyMP is the solution

Standby MultiPlatform is the most intuitive way to achieve robust database continuity.

StandbyMP brings simplicity to all your experiences, with one unified UI across all Oracle and SQL Server databases, effortless standby creation, simplified operation, and smart notifications from real-time monitoring.

With no changes required to your existing infrastructure, StandbyMP enables fast deployment of a warm standby database that can be easily managed and administered by your internal IT team.

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How Standby delivers clarity

  • One intuitive user interface
    A highly intuitive UI provides central control of all your SQL Server and Oracle standby databases, no matter the version.

  • Effortless standby creation
    The intelligent and guided creation of the standby database saves time and eliminates user error. No changes are necessary to your existing database environment setup.

  • Simplified operation
    Streamlined standby administration and environment operations reduce risk and save time. Advanced pre-check systems, automated log file management, and integrated DR testing make Standby a low overhead architecture requiring very little administration.

  • Smart notifications
    Real-time monitoring and notification of database states that are remotely viewable by email, browser, or Slack.

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Why Standby?

StandbyMP is specialist Disaster Recovery software. It effortlessly creates a standby database that is continually updated and verified, ensuring fast and successful failover at any time.

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We are committed to the highest levels of database integrity

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StandbyMP delivers the fastest route to business continuity

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We strive for simplicity in all our experiences

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We optimize your experience by removing manual processes and opportunities for error

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See for yourself how our continuous database protection can help keep your world in motion.

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