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Features to deliver comprehensive, gold standard, Disaster Recovery

StandbyTM is specialist Disaster Recovery software for Oracle Standard Edition (SE).   
It effortlessly creates a remote standby database that is continually updated and verified, ensuring fast and successful failover at any time.
Continual Integrity Verification
Continual Integrity Verification

Continual database verification
Physical replication technology  
Graceful switchover
DR testing is integrated 
Pre-flight checks 
Real-time monitoring
Configurable lag time 
Multi-standby database support
Cascading standby database support
Timestamp recovery
Configuration data encryption/filtering
Network encryption 
Datafile level restoration

Smart Notification
One UI

One intuitive UI 
Effortless standby creation 
Guided user experience on GUI
Smart notifications (log gap etc)
Multi-language support 
API options 
Advanced task tracking 
User management and controls 

Great RPO & RTO
Great RPO & RTO

Automatic failover (or manual) 
Continuous update (max. 10m RPO)
Warm standby (fast RTO) 
Reporting from standby
Snapshots from standby 
Backups from standby 
Low overhead architecture
Network compression 
Transportable media option 
Scripted batch operation 
Pre/Post processing 

Streamlined DR Testing
Streamlined DR Testing

Failover upon issue detection
(or notification) 

One-click standby resynchronization 
Network transfer issue resolution 
Transaction log management 
Support package creation 

Oracle Technology Support
Oracle Technology Support

Cloud optimized 
Full Oracle technology support 
Oracle ASM support 
Oracle ODA support 

PDB support (up to 3 per license) 
Oracle HA (RAC / SE2HA) support 
Customer configuration (failsafe) support

Get detailed information on our enterprise DR features and usability

StandbyMP is enterprise-class Disaster Recovery for Oracle Standard Edition and Microsoft SQL Server

The feature sheet provides an explanation of the main capabilities within the software, as well as the platforms supported.  

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