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Standby MultiPlatform supports Oracle 19c with OEL-9.2

Explore the easy compatibility of Standby MultiPlatform with Oracle Database 19c using Oracle Linux 9.2 (OEL-9.2). Follow simple steps to integrate StandbyMP with OEL-9.2 for a seamless experience. 

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Oracle 19c
Oracle Standard Edition
By Vijayganesh Sivaprakasam |
January 15, 2024 |
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A few months ago, Oracle officially confirmed the compatibility of Oracle Database 19c with Oracle Linux 9, particularly when utilizing UEK7 and a database patch version of 19.19 or newer.

With this assurance, we took the initiative to assess the seamless integration of StandbyMP with OEL-9.2.

The installation of OEL-9.2 on Virtualbox was a trouble-free process, and enough articles are available to guide you through the installation steps. For a helpful guide, check out this resource

Installing Oracle 19c was a bit more challenging than the OS installation. The pre-installation went fine however when installing, Oracle encountered the error below.

We tried Oracle support’s suggestion to resolve the error, but it didn’t work.

19c Database Installation/relink fails with: "Error in invoking target 'libasmclntsh19.ohso libasmperl19.ohso client_sharedlib' of makefile ins_rdbms.mk " (Doc ID 2760289.1)

The issue was finally resolved with a released one-off patch from Oracle.


This patch is a straightforward update. All that’s required is the replacement of files in the stubs directory under the $ORACLE_HOME/lib directory.

Following the application of the patch, the Oracle installation went smoothly. The installation of Dbvisit was effortless, and all components were initiated without any complications.

Below are the functions that were tested successfully:


  1. Create Configuration

  2. Create DR database

  3. Enabling Automated Standby update

  4. Graceful Switchover

  5. Synchronisation

  6. Change Database state

  7. Edit DDC file

  8. Enabling Archive Log Management Module

  9. Enabling delayed Archive Log apply

  10. Activation

  11. Create a standby control file

  12. Refresh datafile.

  13. Test Standby Activation

  14. Perform Read Only testing

After conducting the tests mentioned, we can confidently say that Dbvisit Standby MultiPlatform works flawlessly on Oracle Linux 9.2 with 19c!


If you have any questions on this guide or would like to schedule a POC/Demo, book a time below and one of our technical specialists will contact you. 

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Vijayganesh Sivaprakasam
Vijayganesh Sivaprakasam

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