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StandbyMP 11.1 Released

StandbyMP 11.1 is a major update that not only brings greater performance and support but also delivers powerful new functionality for Disaster Recovery on Microsoft SQL Server.

Product Announcement
SQL Server
Oracle SE
By Tim Marshall |
June 1, 2022 |
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Our mission is to deliver Gold Standard Disaster Recovery for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server databases! We are delighted to announce greater performance and functionality with the release of Standby MultiPlatform version 11.1.

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Strengthening our position as the most trusted DR solution for Oracle SE

Oracle Standard Edition High Availability Support (SE2HA)

RAC customers can now migrate their databases to Oracle 19c/21c with SE2HA.  Utilise SE2HA as high availability for minor issues and the standby database, managed by StandbyMP, for resilient Disaster Recovery. This complements our wide Oracle Technology support including RAC, ODA, and ODA.

New functionality making StandbyMP the smart, automated solution for SQL Server

Automated Standby Configuration Creation

Speed up and eliminate risk with this workflow automation.  As requested by our Beta testers,  if any new database is created on the primary, the database will be detected, a standby database created on the secondary, and log shipping initiated without any action from the DBA.  

Multi Standby Support 

Overcoming a limitation of Basic Availability Groups, you can now configure multiple standby databases for a single primary database.  This also enables you to further increase your resilience by having standby databases in different regions or at different log application delays to protect against database corruption. 

Graceful Switchover for Multi Standby Databases

Seamlessly switch over and then switch back a SQL Server Database Configuration with multiple standby databases while always retaining log shipping between all affected databases.  Perfect for patching; DR testing; or even reporting. 

Overview of StandbyMP 11.1


Other improvements

 New APIs for 3rd party integration 
New command-line options for both SQL Server and Oracle

 Foreign language support  
Significant performance improvements

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