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Whatever you need, from product support to specialist services, you can depend on our support team and their extensive experience and knowledge.

So, how can we help?


Whatever you need, from product support to specialist services, you can depend on our support team and their extensive experience and knowledge.

So, how can we help?

Our fantastic people are always ready to help

Our support team has walked the same path as you. They have all worked extensively with databases so understand the challenges and pressures you face, especially when the unexpected happens and it will happen.

Rather than tell you how good our services are, make a time with our team and we will show you our outstanding customer satisfaction statistics.

Specialist support services are available

We want you to get the most out of our software and offer a range of services to assist partners and customers, including: 
  • Software support provides business hours assistance, upgradeable to a dedicated premium 24/7 hotline
  • Software upgrade services to assist with upgrading from one Standby version to another
  • Health check and Disaster Recovery (DR) Test Services designed for existing customers where we check that your Disaster Recovery environment is operating without any issues and run through a DR test with your team
  • Implementation consulting services to assist partners and customers with the installation and configuration of StandbyMP, including Snapshots

Specialist support services:

+ Implementation services

To support our partners and customers, we provide consulting services to help you implement a Dbvisit Standby DR solution.  


Our support team are certified experts with years of experience working with DBA’s in all kinds of environments, from simple 2 database configurations to large complex solutions across multiple geographies, locations and teams.  


Our team of experts will guide and support you through the setup of your DR environment to ensure the installation and configuration is done according to best practices DR.  

We offer two implementation packages for Standby: 


Standby – Quickstart Implementation 

Our Quickstart package is conducted remotely with one of our experts. We can either be ”hands-on” and do the installation directly, or guide you through the process.  


The package includes: 

  • Prerequisite discussion and preparation 

  • Overview of basic Standby functionality 

  • Remote installation of Standby software including GUI installation 

  • Creation of Standby Database (CSD) and basic configuration for synchronization 

Standby – Comprehensive Implementation 

Our Comprehensive package is conducted remotely and includes the Quickstart offering, plus you also get: 


  • Complete overview of configuration settings 

  • Coaching on how best to use Standby in daily operation 

  • Standby Archivelog Management Configuration 

  • Mail Notifications Setup 

  • Switchover and Failover demonstration 

  • Instructions on logging tickets and creating support packages for troubleshooting 

  • Best practices for your DR database environment 

+ Dbvisit Protect support

Dbvisit Protect includes access to the latest versions of our software and one year of online software support from our fantastic support team.


​Dbvisit Protect support is an annual cost to a perpetual license but is included with term licenses. 

+ Dbvisit Protect Premium support

Dbvisit Protect Premium enhances our standard Protect support to include 24/7 operations with a dedicated hotline and high priority response times.

+ Software upgrade services

This service is for existing customers requiring assistance to step through a recommended process to complete a successful software upgrade in your environment with minimum impact on your existing configurations. 


The services include:

- Pre-upgrade check of your DR environment

- Completion of the upgrade

- A detailed explanation of the latest features of Dbvisit Standby

- Post-upgrade check of your DR environment 

+ DR Healthcheck service

Healthchecks are tailored to customers who require assurances their DR environment is operating effectively and will activate during a planned or unplanned DR event. This offering also suits customers looking to perform regular DR tests in their environment and ensures activation or switch-over to the standby database.


The services include: 

  • Verification of current Standby setup and configuration 

  • Analysis of Standby log and trace files for errors 

  • Standby DR test pre-checks 

+ DR Test service

The DR Test service is identical to the DR Healthcheck, but in addition to doing checks, we will also carry out one DR test on the standby database.