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Dbvisit Implementation Plans

Choose either 'Quickstart' implementation or 'Comprehensive' Implementation depending on the level of implementation support, optimization and team training needed. 

Quickstart Implementation

Our Quickstart package is conducted remotely with one of our experts.
We can either be ”hands-on” and do the installation directly, or guide you through the process.  


- Prerequisite discussion and preparation

Identify potential issues before they occur.

- Overview of basic Standby functionality 

Ensure all of your team understand the software and its core functionality.

- Remote installation of StandbyMP software 

Together with our remote support you will install the agents and the control center. 

- Standby Database Creation

The standby database and basic configuration for synchronization is completed.


Comprehensive Implementation

Our Comprehensive package is conducted remotely and includes everything in the Quickstart offering plus more. 


- Complete overview of configuration settings 

Optimization and explanation of configuration settings.

- Advanced Configuration Options

Standby Archivelog management configuration, StandbyMP Intelligent Activation Configuration (if applicable), Mail / Slack configuration. 

- Switchover / Failover Demonstration

Perform practice switchover operations.

- Support Ticket Introduction

Instructions for logging tickets and creating support packages for faster trouble shooting.

- Training on best practice standby operation 

Discuss and finalize how standby will be used in daily operations. 





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