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Disaster Recovery for Oracle SE, SQL Server and Postgresql


Your database is at the heart of your business.

Guarantee protection of your critical Oracle SE, SQL Server and PostgreSQL databases with a continuously updated standby database.

With Dbvisit's StandbyMP software, Gold Standard Disaster Recovery doesn't have to be difficult or expensive.  

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Business continuity

Nothing should stand in the way of your business moving forward

Business continuity requires database continuity.

Standby MultiPlatform (StandbyMP) software manages all your Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle SE, and PostgreSQL databases through one powerful and intuitive user interface.

StandbyMP guarantees database continuity with Gold Standard Disaster Recovery through a continually verified standby database that is always available and ready to take over at a moment's notice, no matter the threat.

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We expect the unexpected

Dbvisit are the specialists in database disaster recovery. Our continuous database protection software is designed and engineered to Gold Standard disaster recovery principles:

Guaranteed integrity
Multi-threat resilience
Minimal data loss
Super-fast recovery

We’re trusted by globally recognised brands and organisations. In a world that never stops, we reduce risk and save time, ensuring you are open for business everyday.

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Introducing StandbyMP

Watch a 2 min overview - how StandbyMP Gold Standard disaster recovery software, keeps your world in motion.

Why Dbvisit StandbyMP?

StandbyMP is specialist Disaster Recovery software. It effortlessly creates a standby database that is continually updated and verified, ensuring fast and successful failover at any time.

StandbyMP prioritizes database integrity so you can achieve business continuity.

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We are committed to the highest levels of database integrity.
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StandbyMP delivers the fastest route to database continuity.
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We optimize your experience by removing manual processes and opportunities for error.
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We strive for simplicity in all our experiences.
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With Dbvisit's StandbyMP software, Gold Standard Disaster Recovery doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Get an instant quote now. 

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See for yourself how our continuous database protection can help keep your world in motion.

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