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Why Standby is Joel Cattin's favorite Oracle tool. Plus, Joel's guide to fixing an NFS error.

Joel Cattin explains why Dbvisit Standby is his favorite tool for Oracle databases. Joel explains how to ensure NFS shares are accessible.
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NFS Error Guide
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dbi Services (Partner)
By Tim Marshall |
March 15, 2022 |
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Joël Cattin, Senior Consultant at dbi services in Switzerland, sings his praises of Dbvisit Standby and provides an overview how to ensure your NFS is always reachable. 

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My favorite Oracle-related tool - Dbvisit Standby

If I had to rank my favorite Oracle-related tools and software, Dbvisit Standby would likely be at the top of the list.

If you are reading this post you probably know that Dbvisit Standby is a Disaster Recovery solution for Oracle Database Standard Edition.

The reasons why I like this product are mostly related to the following points (non-exhaustive list) :

  • Ease of installation and configuration
  • Ease of use
  • Lightness
  • Stability
  • Continuous evolution (new features)
  • Documentation quality
  • Technical support efficiency

Ensuring your NFS is always reachable

However, when running NFS, you have to ensure the share is always reachable for Dbvisit Standby to operate correctly.  In this blog post, I will describe a NFS issue I encountered on a customer running Dbvisit Standby version 10.1 and to resolve it.


The following error message appeared while running the dbvctl command to transfer and the apply archive logs :

1  Dbvisit Standby process for preposs still running on odaprep01 (pid=53835).
2 See trace file 53835_dbvctl_preposs_202112081932.trc for more details.
3 Exceeded RUNNING_MAX_TIMES_TRIED=1 attempts.
4 (if Dbvisit Standby process is no longer running, then delete lock file /u01/app/dbvisit/standby/pid/...)

This seems to indicate that the archive logs transfer process did not succeed properly and got stuck on the server.  

Read the full blog at dbi services to see Joëls solution.
Learn more about Standby DR software.



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