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Launch: Dbvisit Standby MultiPlatform v11

Enterprise-class Disaster Recovery for Oracle SE and Microsoft SQL Server that prioritizes database integrity, disaster resiliency, recovery speed, and ease of use.

Product Announcement
Disaster Recovery
SQL Server
By Tim Marshall |
February 2, 2022 |
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Introducing Standby MultiPlatform: StandbyMP expands gold standard Disaster Recovery with a unified approach across Oracle SE and Microsoft SQL databases.


Databases are the heart of every organization, and losing access to mission-critical data, even temporarily, affects customer experience, business operations and revenues.


Disaster Recovery is a business imperative, not an IT project - business continuity requires database continuity. StandbyMP addresses this challenge by scaling a single unified approach across Oracle and Microsoft databases which raises the bar to be consistent, repeatable and gold standard for the entire enterprise.


This is why we have developed StandbyMP, our newest disaster recovery software. StandbyMP will revolutionize how organizations manage DR enterprise-wide by making the same gold standard of DR available to both Oracle SE and MS SQL Server users.   

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Managing the complexity of dealing with multiple databases is a challenge and organisations need consistent best practice DR plans and processes that work across multiple platforms, enterprise-wide.


StandbyMP delivers gold standard DR for Oracle SE and Microsoft SQL Server, it prioritizes database integrity, disaster resiliency, recovery speed, and ease of use. All from a single common user interface.


Standby’s industry-first unified architecture now allows you to control Oracle and SQL Server DR configurations from a single central console. This powerful interface allows you to create, view, monitor and operate enterprise-wide recovery processes.


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Traditional DR often relies upon institutional knowledge, specific database experience, handwritten scripts and manual processes - varying dramatically depending on the database. This complexity introduces possible errors and a heavy dependence on a few key employees to be available during the threat.


In addition, as with all manual process steps, best intentions to update and regularly test recovery tools and protocols are rarely realized. This can cause a blind spot and leave organizations exposed. 


StandbyMP removes the guesswork so organizations can be 100% confident that they have a robust, fully tested and optimized recovery architecture that can failover at a moment’s notice.


Unfortunately, when it comes to database failure it is a matter of ‘when’, not ‘if’ a significant incident occurs. Major incidents are stressful and challenging, and Murphy’s law dictates that they will probably occur at 2am on a public holiday when key team members are unavailable.


This is why we have engineered StandbyMP to deliver a level of consistency, visibility and simplicity that will allow even the newest members of your team to action a one-click failover.


In a world that never stops, StandbyMP can reduce risk and save time, ensuring that organizations keep moving forwards, no matter what the universe throws at them. 


  • Simplify – Control your Oracle and SQL Server DR configurations from a single central console.

  • Speed up – Multi/concurrent database actions across both Oracle and SQL Server.

  • Risk down – Automation removes manual processes, scripts, and opportunities for error.

  • Level up – Simplify DR plans and ensure best practice is implemented across all your databases.

For fifteen years Standby has been trusted by global brands, and we are excited to bring the same consistent gold standard of DR to Microsoft SQL Server.


Our mission is to keep your business moving forward, and we are already working towards extending our capabilities to other database platforms.


Even temporary loss of access to mission critical data can be catastrophic. So why take the risk when protecting your databases with StandbyMP doesn't have to be complicated or expensive?


StandbyMP datasheet: DOWNLOAD NOW

StandbyMP Datahseet

StandbyMP is now available. For more information about Dbvisit and StandbyMP contact us now. 

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