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Review. Standby MultiPlatform.

“An absolute highlight for us is the integration of both worlds - i.e. the standby management for Oracle databases and SQL Server databases - in a single user interface.” Dirk Melzer, Managing Director, ASPICON GmbH.

Technical Piece
SQL Server
By Tim Marshall |
March 14, 2022 |
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Aspicon, a leading database technology and service provider in Germany, has written an in-depth review of our newly released Standby MultiPlatform for Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server.  A copy of the original review is provided below.


Dbvisit release StandbyMP (V11) for MS SQL Server and Oracle SE - We are excited!

At the beginning of February, Dbvisit officially released version 11 of Dbvisit Standby. The version, now referred to as Dbvisit Standby MultiPlatform (v11), has not only received a complete technical and visual overhaul but, also supports SQL Server databases from version 2012 onward on both Windows and Linux operating systems.

As a Dbvisit Platinum Partner, we took a close look at the new version even before it was officially released - and we can already say: We are excited!

We would like to share our first experiences here:

Improved GUI

Compared to the previous version (v10), the completely overhauled graphical user interface(GUI) has made a giant leap forward. The graphical revision not only impresses with a fresh, modern look, the intuitive usability has also been greatly improved.


While many Oracle DBA's still prefer to work at the console level, the majority of SQL Server administrators like to work with graphical user interfaces. Dbvisit has created an excellent balance between these two worlds.

Improved handling 

As already mentioned, Dbvisit has brought more transparency to the interface with the help of the redesigned GUI. This leads to an improvement in handling and many steps can now be operated much more intuitively.

Most functions can be done with a few clicks (or just a single click) via the GUI. This includes adding new database configurations, manual switchovers, or even failovers in the event of a failure. Furthermore, multi-database actions allow complex tasks to be easily carried out across many database configurations. For example,  it is possible to select several databases and switch over these databases as a batch. This saves a lot of time because you don't have to initiate the switchover for each individual database.

That said, the Oracle installations can also be operated with the command line tool “dbvctl” as in previous versions. 

Easy installation and configuration

A lot has also happened in the area of ​​installation/configuration.

The software can be easily installed and configured on Windows hosts using an installation wizard.


On Linux systems, this is done via an executable binary.


In general, the installation is quick and uncomplicated.

Multi-platform functionality

An absolute highlight for us is the integration of both worlds - i.e. the standby management for Oracle databases and SQL Server databases - in a single user interface.

The SQL Server customers on Windows OS benefit from a log shipping solution that is significantly easier to set up and includes additional functionality such as Graceful Switchover! SQL Server installations on Linux also benefit, since no difficult cluster configurations have to be carried out here either.

Another highlight is the single point of administration via the one interface, where the database administrator can keep track of all configurations for both Oracle and SQL Server databases.

StandbyMP in action
Watch the short StandbyMP product video to see the new GUI in action and, get an overview of the key functionality.



With version 11 and the switch to MultiPlatform, Dbvisit has taken a giant step forward. Unlike many other software manufacturers, Dbvisit has taken a lot of time for intensive examination and testing. In addition, the advice of some external partners was obtained in advance and during development in order to further optimize the results.

We believe that Dbvisit has succeeded very well this time and has brought a well-thought-out and mature product onto the market, which currently has no alternative.


Dirk Melzer
Managing Director


Copy of the original review 

For more information about us and our new StandbyMP software visit our website or get in contact.

Download the StandbyMP datasheet here.

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