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Adding Dbvisit StandbyMP to Oracle SE2HA on ODA for greater resiliency

Marc Wagner of dbi services in Switzerland, shows how easy it is to set up a highly resilient, highly available Oracle Standard Edition database.
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By Marc Wagner |
February 27, 2023 |
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A warm standby database can be added to Oracle SE2HA environments to guarantee database continuity and reduce RTO (recovery times) and RPO (data loss). This is especially important for business-critical databases. 

In this blog Marc Wagner from dbi services Switzerland, shows how easy it is to set up a highly resilient, highly available Oracle SE database by combining (1) Oracle Standard Edition, (2) Standard Edition High Availability, ODA, and Dbvisit StandbyMP. This delivers automated switchovers for minor issues, fast failovers for major disasters, and reduced downtime for system maintenance while minimizing cost.


by Marc Wagner | 08.02.2023   

Original blog: Combine Oracle SE2HA on ODA with Dbvisit StandbyMP?

I recently blogged about Oracle SE2HA on ODA, see my article https://www.dbi-services.com/blog/seha-on-oda/. Oracle SE2HA is used for High Availability for Standard Edition. Dbvisit Standby is a Disaster Recovery well-known application designed for Oracle Standard Edition. Dbvisit guarantees database continuity and will reduce RTO and RPO. With Dbvisit we will limit business impact in case of failure like hardware, operating system or human failure by activating a standby database. With Dbvisit we can also reduce the downtime linked to maintenance on the system. But what about combining both Oracle SE2HA and Dbvisit StandbyMP?  Let's look at how that would work in a real environment. 

Read the full blog at dbi services to see how Marc sets up a resilient Oracle SE database using StandbyMP. 


If you're interested in learning more about implementing a standby database for Disaster Recovery, take a Test Drive, or talk with a Technical Specialist about your environment and goals. 

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Marc Wagner
Marc Wagner

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