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Configure hosts and create a new configuration (DDC) for Standby v9

Gain a better understanding of the new hosts, Standby™️ Agents, to Standby™️, and learn how to create a new Dbvisit Database Configuration (DDC).

Configure hosts in Dbvisit Standby v9
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By Vijayganesh Sivaprakasam |
July 26, 2020 |
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Configure Hosts And Create A New Configuration (DDC) For Standby

Now that we have covered the installation of Standby™️ version 9 on both Linux and Windows, we are ready to introduce the new hosts, Standby™️ Agents, to Standby™️ and create a new configuration which is also known as the Dbvisit Database Configuration (DDC) file.

We will be doing this through the Central Console.


But before we continue, note that we will have Dbvnet, Dbvagent and the Standby Core installed on both the Primary and Standby hosts. We’ve also installed Dbvserver on the Standby host.

All the relevant Dbvisit Processes or Services in Windows have been started.

Once you’ve logged into the Central Console via your preferred web browser, you will see the following Main Standby™️ screen.

Step 1: Manage Hosts

In this section, we introduce the hosts where the Standby™️ Agents are currently running. This is the Primary and Standby hosts where the agents were already installed and started.

The following video demonstrates exactly how to add the hosts:


Step 2: Manage Configurations

The Manage Configurations option will become available once the Hosts have been added. You can create a DDC for various scenarios depending on your configuration.

In our demonstration, we are creating a DDC for a Single Primary database to a Single Standby database, both running on filesystems.

A couple of questions will be asked during this configuration, so it is important to know what each is for. I’d like to specifically mention the ARCHSOURCE and ARCHDEST locations.

These will be temporary locations where archived logs will be extracted. During a Graceful Switchover, the archsource and archdest locations will switched in the DDC.

Please note, it is not the same as the archived log destination and should never be located in the database archived log destination or the flash/fast recovery area.

This video shows you how to create a new DDC:


Note the default settings used during the initial creation of your DDC can be changed afterwards, please refer to the following DDC File Reference documentation.

I recommend you use the User Guide document links referred to throughout this blog to fill in the details of what we were demonstrating. This will aid the videos provided to make it easy to follow for your own configuration. Now we are in a position to Create the Standby Database, stay tuned for the next blog in our series.

Vijayganesh Sivaprakasam
Vijayganesh Sivaprakasam

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