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Setting up Standby: On-Premises & in the Oracle Cloud

In this demo, you'll go through the steps of setting up Dbvisit Standby, with your primary database on-premises & your standby database in the Oracle Cloud.
By Product Specialist |
April 19, 2019 |
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Our earlier videos have been setting up the standby database on-premises. However, we know that everyone is talking about the cloud these days. It’s rare to talk to anyone at Oracle without them mentioning the cloud and trying to sell you a cloud computing solution.

One of the great things about Standby is that it truly behaves the same no matter what platform it’s on or where it’s located. We have had quite a few people ask us about having Standby v8 in the Oracle Cloud.

Below we go through the steps of setting up Standby, with our primary database on-premises and our standby database in the Oracle Cloud. You'll notice that many of the steps are exactly the same as when setting up on-premises to on-premises. However, we point out the areas that you need to look out for when installing in the Oracle Cloud.

Check out the demo on setting up Dbvisit Standby with your primary database on-premises and your standby database in the Oracle Cloud:

Product Specialist

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