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How to use Synchronize feature in Dbvisit Standby v9 onwards

Sync enables one-click re-synchronization of your standby and primary databases. 

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Dbvisit Standby Synchronize Feature
By Product Specialist |
December 31, 2019 |
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The Synchronize Standby Database Feature

Let’s kick off with a great feature called Synchronize Standby Database or SYNC.  SYNC enables one-click re-synchronization of your standby and primary databases to save time and keep you protected. 

Synchronize is an unbelievably valuable feature

Use Cases:

  1. When archived logs were deleted or lost before being transferred and applied to the Standby Database, also referred to as Unrecoverable Archive Log Gap.
  2. When NOLOGGING operations were performed on the Primary Database. There’s no redo available to update the Standby Database which results in Logical Corruption on the Standby Database.

(Note we recommend to have FORCE LOGGING enabled on the Primary Database)

What Happens During The Sync Process?
  1. It finds the current System Change Number (SCN) of the Standby Database
  2. It compares it with the Primary Database
  3. It starts an Incremental Backup on the Primary for the block from this SCN
  4. The backup may take some time but should be smaller depending on the difference between Primary and Standby
  5.  Make sure there’s enough space in the temporary backup locations on both servers

The transportable option is available and is helpful for larger databases
  1. Once completed, the backup files get transferred to the Standby Database server
  2. The Recovery process then starts, which will use this incremental backup to roll the Standby Database forward
  3. During this process the Standby Control file gets recreated.

How to use the The Synchronize Standby Database (video tutorial)

In the following video tutorial we use the Central Console (GUI) to demonstrate the Synchronize Standby Database feature.  Also read our support user guide.


Other notes

If you have any schedules running, please make sure to stop those before continuing with the Sync process.

Command Line Interface can also make use of the SYNC feature.

I’m sure you’ll agree with me, the SYNC feature makes life so much easier when things go a bit off the rails. If you ever have to address the Unrecoverable Archive Log Gap or Logical Corruption scenarios, this is an option you have before opting to recreate the entire Standby Database from scratch.

Hope you found this helpful. Happy Dbvisiting!

Product Specialist

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