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Why use physical replication for Disaster Recovery on Oracle SE?

Why use physical replication for Disaster Recovery on Oracle Databases?

This white paper explains the concepts, considerations and principles behind replication and provides details of various replication methods available.

One of these methods is physical replication that delivers unparalleled database integrity. The paper outlines a range of solutions that can be used to deliver physical replication for Oracle databases before explaining in detail the operation of one such solution, StandbyTM by Dbvisit.


Whitepaper - Image - Using Physical Replication April 2020

What's in it?

Continuity metrics

An introduction to key business continuity metrics including RPO and RTO. 

Physical vs logical replication

An comparison of two distinct approaches to achieving a standby database: (1) Physical replication, and (2) Logical replication.

Physical replication methods

A look into home-grown scripting and third-party tools for the creation of a physical standby database. 


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