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Gold Standard DR for Public Sector Organizations

DBAs in the public sector manage critical data, often under tight legislative requirements. Standby MultiPlatform's Disaster Recovery Software protects critical data with a warm standby environment, offering a simple, cost-effective way to meet your RPO/RTO requirements, ensuring you maintain public trust and satisfaction.

Available for OracleSE, SQL Server and PostgreSQL on-premise, hybrid, or in the cloud.

Create and manage standby databases, streamlining DR for public sector organizations.

Standby MultiPlatform (StandbyMP) enables fast and efficient creation, management and activation of resilient standby environments. All from an intuitive GUI, CLI or API. 


How StandbyMP enables public sector DBAs to meet their unique challenges


  • BUDGET AND RESOURCE LIMITATIONS: Require you to do more with less. With StandbyMP, Disaster Recovery (DR) does not have to be complicated or expensive. Deploy standbys in minutes and leverage an intuitive workflow and guided workflows that enable even your less experienced employees to complete everyday DR tasks. 
  • REMOVE THE NEED TO UPGRADE TO ENTERPRISE: StandbyMP removes the significant time and costs associated with upgrading to enterprise editions. StandbyMP brings the same Gold Standard of DR to standard edition databases.   

  • COMPLEX AND DIVERSE SYSTEMS: Coordinating and managing the DR process across diverse systems can be complex. StandbyMP allows you to manage all of your databases from one place, providing a consistent gold standard approach to DR organization-wide.   

  • TESTING & TRAINING: Regular testing and training are crucial for an effective DR plan. However, scheduling and conducting comprehensive DR tests, where service interruptions may not be easily tolerated, can be challenging. StandbyMP allows you to perform Graceful Switchovers to remove this common bottleneck effortlessly.

  • STRICT & ONEROUS COMPLIANCE: Legislative requirements must be satisfied. Compatible with Oracle SE, SQL Server and PostgreSQL, StandbyMP offers a simple and fast way to meet your RPO/RTO requirements, protecting your data and business continuity. 

  • HIGH AVAILABILITY REQUIRMENTS: Public sector organizations often provide critical services to the customer or public, and downtime can have severe consequences. StandbyMP can ensure you meet your RPO/RTO requirements with a continually verified and always available warm standby environment.

  • DATA VOLUME AND SCALABILITY: Public sector databases often deal with large volumes of data, making the backup, replication, and recovery processes time-consuming and resource-intensive. StandbyMP allows you to infinitely scale your DR infrastructure to handle ever-increasing data volumes effortlessly. 
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Solving common challenges

Oracle Technology Support Icon 2021
Paying too much for DR?

On enterprise and paying too much or considering upgrading? StandbyMP can save you money, delivering Gold Standard Disaster Recovery for less than you think.


Great RPO & RTO Icon 2021
Managing DR is complex and time-consuming.

Set up standbys in munites and manage all your common DR tasks through and single interface. 

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Deploying Gold Standard DR is hard.

The easiest route to achieve Gold Standard Disaster Recovery that delivers: guaranteed integrity, multi-threat resilience, minimal data loss and super-fast recovery.



Achieving our DR objectives is difficult.

Achieve your RPO/RTO objectives to safeguard critical data and services, ultimately maintaining public trust and satisfaction.

Case Study - StandbyMP in Action

métropole-nice-mnca-portail.origin2al copy
"We are now in the process of transitioning some of our Database to SQL Server and PostgreSQL. The multiplatform architecture of StandbyMP means that we will have the option of delivering the same level of protection to these platforms as Dbvisit's developers make new databases available. This is an intriguing prospect and it is reassuring to see the product growing with our business." 
Patrick Giudicelli. Architecte Bases de Données, Databases Architect for Metropole Nice Cote D'Azur.
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Truly satisfied customers

We are DR Specialists. Delivering DBAs a great customer experience. 
Why? Our software is reliable, intuitive, and supported by real DBAs.  
With 1600+ customers in 120 countries and a renewal rate of 95% you are in good hands. 

Customer Satisfaction

We have over 96% customer satisfaction because our software is built by DBAs for DBAs. We understand the need for precision and reliability. 

Countries use StandbyMP

Worldwide, between our Oracle and SQL Server customers, thousands of businesses trust and rely on us for their Disaster Recovery needs. 

Customer Renewals

95% of customers renew their subscription due to the reliability, usability, performance and support of StandbyMP.

100% DR Experts

We are the Database DR experts. We are not generalists, we are unashamedly specialized and 100% focused on doing DR right.

How it works

A simple implementation consists of one primary database and one standby database.  

  • Creation: One or more standby databases are efficiently created.  
  • Synchronization: StandbyMP synchronizes the databases by compressing, sending, and applying logs to the standby(s). Frequency of log transmission can be set to meet your RPO objectives.
  • Monitoring: Real-time monitoring identifies exceptions and sends alert notifications.  
  • Failover: Failover can be initiated automatically or with a single click. Database failover completes within a few minutes. 
Diagram - StandbyMP Architecture Basic Transparent
Diagram - Standby Architecture Basic.drawio

Superior Functionality and Usability

See how you can go beyond the bundled Log Shipping and Basic Availability Group Disaster Recovery with Standby MultiPlatform.

Powerful Features & Functionality

Best Practice Disaster Recovery for SQL Server.

Automated Failover Icon 2021
Automated Failover Icon 2021
Automated Failover

The failover assistant enables one-click failover, triggered manually or automatically.

Great RPO & RTO Icon 2021
Great RPO & RTO Icon 2021
Great RPO & RTO

Recover from any event in just a few minutes, with a less than 3 minutes data loss.

Graceful Switchovers

Zero data loss planned switchovers enable easy migrations and testing. 

Cloud Ready
Cloud Optimized
Cloud Ready

Easy to configure on premise, hybrid, or in the cloud.  Supporting Azure, AWS and private clouds.

Smart Notifications
Smart Notifications
Smart Notifications

Realtime monitoring with heartbeat notifications, status alerts, and log gap reports.

One-Click Resynchronisation
One-Click Resynchronisation
One-click Resynchronization

Automated resynchronization removes the risk of being unprotected as a manual rebuild is performed. 

Cost E„ffective Architecture
Cost E„ffective Architecture
Cost Effective

Make managing log shipping environments fast and efficient and get Enterprise DR on Standard Edition! 

Technology Support
Technology Support
Wide Technology Support

StandbyMP supports SQL Server 2012~2022 and on Windows and Linux.  

One UI@2x
One UI
Centralized UI

See all your standby Databases and Instances on a single pane of glass to enable fast and consistent actions.

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Backed by unbelievably great support

Wonderfully robust software backed by fantastic people. 
So when you need support, it's fast, efficient and friendly.

  • 95% renewal rate 
  • Average ticket response time: 7 min
  • Customer satisfaction (12 months): 99.7%
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With Dbvisit's StandbyMP software, Gold Standard Disaster Recovery doesn't have to be difficult or expensive. Get an instant quote now.