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Dbvisit University

Dbvisit certifications

Dbvisit Standby Essentials course

Become a Standby Certified Associate with the Dbvisit Standby Essentials Course. This self-paced course is designed around hands-on use of Standby version 8. It takes you through the sleek central console, and introduces you to the updated underlying architecture of your Standby solution. Try out essential functions on environments that are provisioned and accessible only by you, download handy guides for each course unit, and take the course in Linux or Windows.


Dbvisit Partner Sales Training course

We offer exclusive training to all of our current partners to equip you with all of the necessary tools to be successful in selling and implementing Standby, and ensuring complete customer satisfaction. Take our Dbvisit Sales Partner Course to ensure you are fully equipped to get going in your local market. If you're a current partner and haven't accessed our partner training yet, be sure to get in contact with us to find out more by completing the form below.


Dbvisit On Demand Courses

Dbvisit Standby and Oracle Database Appliance course

Learn how you can unlock the full potential of your Standby solution, with the assistance of Oracle Database Appliance. Unlock your data's full potential for less! Discover the set up and implementation of Standby when running on Oracle Database Appliance. The Dbvisit Standby and Oracle Database Appliance Course is an on-demand course that is free for a limited time and takes one hour to complete.


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