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Video Demos

An in-depth video of installation, configuration, management and switchovers.

Time: 20 minutes

Learning curve: Easy

Functionality: Low

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Full Trial

Download and trial StandbyMP on your environment for 10 days.


Time: 10 days (Extendable)

Learning curve: Med - High

Functionality: High

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Test Drive

Test Drive creates a cloud-based 2HR environment for you. Experience the StandbyMP product hands-on and see how it performs in a real environment. 

  • Automated environment setup.
  • Oracle, SQL Server & PostgreSQL databases.
  • Full user experience with no limits.
  • Try all the product features.

11.1 StandbyMP

Full Trial

A fully-featured ten day trial (extendable) of our Disaster Recovery software for Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, and PostgreSQL.

  • Install and configure the software in your on-premise and cloud environments.
  • Perfect for running a proof of concept (POC).

Note: Oracle AIX/Solaris customers please select Standby v9

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Video Demo

An overview of the core features of StandbyMP

  • Remove complexity and risk by managing your Disaster Recovery from one central console.
  • Speed up with multi database actions, guided workflows and one-click actions.
  • Simplify with intelligent standby creation, automated failover and user replication.
  • Do more with zero-data-loss planned switchovers, read-only access and more.


Installing your Standby trial

What version of Standby should I install?

Most users should install Standby MultiPlatform. Oracle Solaris and AIX users will need Standby v9.

Do I need different license keys for Oracle SE, Microsoft SQL Server and PostgreSQL?

Yes, you will be supplied with separate license keys.

How does licensing work?

Oracle, SQL Server and PostgreSQL functionality is licensed separately and requires a separate license key for each. 


Pricing is per database with a minimum configuration of one primary database, one secondary database.


Microsoft SQL Server: 
Pricing is per instance with a minimum configuration of one primary instance, and one secondary instance. 


Pricing is per cluster with a minimum configuration of one primary cluster, and one secondary cluster. 


Perpetual licenses:  Purchaser owns and retains the license permanently. Support is an additional cost and can be purchased for 1, 2 or 3 years.


Term licenses - 1,2,3 year terms are available.  Support is included in the price. 

Can the trial be extended longer than 10 days?

Contact support to extend your trial from 10 days to 20 days.

Is it necessary to install the Control Center on a separate machine?

No, however this is recommended as having the Control Center on a separate machine increases the resilience of your Disaster Recovery architecture.  

Do we need to reinstall the software when we buy the software?

No reinstallation is required when you purchase the software, you only need to input the new license key. 

Can we have primary database as on-premise and the standby in the cloud?

Yes, Standby supports on-premise, hybrid and full cloud architectures.  Below user guide link talks about this in detail.

User guide: example cloud configurations

Can Oracle logs still be applied when the standby database is in Read Only/Standby mode?

When the standby database is in READ ONLY/STANDBY mode, logs can be transferred from primary to standby, but the logs can’t to be applied till the standby database is in RECOVERY/RESTORING mode.

Can we have Oracle Enterprise Edition as primary and Standard Edition for DR and does Standby work with this configuration?

Yes, however we do not recommend this as the primary and standby systems would in this case not be identical, which would create additional disaster recovery risk. 

Is ARCHSOURCE and ARCHDEST the same as Oracle Archive Log destination?

No, it should never be the same. ARCHSOURCE and ARCHDEST variables should contain the same directory on primary and standby server. On the standby server, this directory is used to receive archive logs from the primary. On the primary server, this directory is not used, but when the primary server switches role and becomes the standby, then this directory will be used to receive archive logs from the primary database.

What are the versions of SQL Server support on StandbyMP?

StandbyMP supports MS SQL Server 2012 onwards.

Is there a limit to number of SQLServer databases when purchasing licenses?

There is no limit. The licenses are based on SQL Server instances. The minimum number of licenses required is two (one for primary and one for Standby).