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Gold Standard Disaster Recovery for Oracle and MS SQL Server

StandbyMP Overview Video

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Join us on April 12th for a webinar: Five reasons that every DBA would evaluate StandbyMP

Experience our new software, Standby MultiPlatform - the Gold Standard for Disaster Recovery on Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle SE.  Learn how StandbyMP goes beyond Basic Availability Groups and Log Shipping, including:

1. Ease of implementation. Great DR can be implemented without adjusting or re-architecting your systems.

2. Simplify and speed up workflows. This includes multi-database actions, across multiple instances and database platforms.

3. Eliminate the complexity.  Remove manual scripts and manual processes with one-click actions and guided workflows.

4. Maximize resilience. Quickly recover from any disaster with automated recovery to a warm standby database.

Improve your DR Plan. Consistently implement great DR of all instances and database platforms (SQL Server, Oracle SE, and soon PostgreSQL)

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Case Study
Case Study

Nothing should stand in the way of your business moving forward

Dbvisit was founded to deliver all organizations peace of mind by providing enterprise-class disaster recovery software that is easy to use, reliable and supported by highly responsive database continuity and disaster recovery experts. 

Worldwide, thousands of customers trust and rely on us to keep their organizations always moving forward without disruption.

Our software guarantees database continuity through a verified standby database that is always available and ready to take over at the moment you need it. No matter the threat, your world will keep moving forward.


Why StandbyMP?

StandbyMP is specialist Disaster Recovery software for Oracle SE and MS SQL Server.  It effortlessly creates a standby database that is continually updated and verified, ensuring fast and successful failover at any time.

Standby™ prioritizes database integrity so you can achieve business continuity.

Dbvisit Standby delivers integrity in DR
Guaranteed integrity

Continuous verification of the standby database, and its warm state, guarantees database integrity.
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Great RPO & RTO
Instantly available

The standby is warm and can be failed over to within just a few minutes in the event of any disaster.
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Smart Notification
Intuitive GUI

The graphical user interface and guided workflows enable simple creation, management and failover.
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Automation of Disaster Recovery
Highly automated

Remove manual processes with effortless standby creation, one-click resynchronization and auto-failover.
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